Unsolicited Youtube Advice

Note: I received this letter in my youtube inbox for the videos found in Blog #99: Dru Johnston: Master Impressionist

just some hints

ok look dude, I’m gonna tell it like it is. I’m being honest and if it comes across as mean I apologize in advance. You obviously have a love for movies and doing voices as I do. My first point of advice is :

1. You’re trying to do voices that are very different in style and tone. Start off with picking someone who sounds a little bit like your own voice and then go from there and train your voice.

2. instead of having your face on screen try putting a picture up of the person you want to do the voice of. So maybe people wont be attracted to some of the outlandish facial expressions you show. Then the person watching will see the picture and they will subconsciously will want your voice to sound like the actor.

3. You’re trying wayyyyy to hard to impress. For your morgan freeman, he is very mellow and has power in his voice. You sounded like you were dragging out your words. It just looks like you were having a very hard time trying to do his voice because it wasn’t natural for you.

4. For your Sly impression, next time don’t do the movements because you were probably thinking more about your next movement and must have lost focus on the voice because it really didn’t sound like him. I’m sorry man but it didn’t

5. Please, please don’t have a 3 minute clip and only 20 seconds of impressions. I’ll tell you, you do come off as a cry baby and no one likes a cry baby so people will automatically think you suck.

Trust me dude take my advice or dont I dont really care. But I can’t keep watching your vids and seeing the rants and seeing people throw harsh shit at you. These are just some helpful hints you might want to use to get some positive feedback instead of all the BS that has came your way. Props to you too for taking it and keep on trucking.



I am honestly floored by how genuine this is… I don’t know this person, don’t know anything about him, but he found my impression videos online and like Maxim before him truly believed they were real. It gives me some hope in the world that people are out there to really help you… but now I will have to make impression videos following these tips exactly. And he probably won’t like them.

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