The Year of the Blog

From April 12th, 2009 to April 11th 2010 I set out to create The Year of the Blog, a project in which I created a brand new blog/website every day for a year. I thought that for sure I would fail. I somehow stuck to it. is the final blog of the project, and unlike the vast majority of the blogs I created, this one is being maintained.

The blog was featured in the NY Post, BuzzFeed homepage, the Sammamish Review and a video I made doing an incredibly bad impression of Morgan Freeman was featured on as one of the worst celebrity impressions ever.

Please visit, poke around and take a look at the vast backdated blogs. I’m exceptionally proud of the project, but more than that happy that I don’t have to create a new blogspot account ever again.

10 Responses to The Year of the Blog

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  8. Pradeep says:

    This happened to me this year, only I wasn’t given 15 minetus to look it over, and it was a major musical work I had never seen before that I was supposed to teach to someone pretending to be a first year undergrad. I turned this job down. I felt that giving me such an unreasonable test in the interview which I think I actually did fairly well with did not bode well for the tenure process.

  9. Charlene says:

    Hmm. This is a pretty big qeuotisn. I like that it’s being asked.Essentially, do your opinions on improv and attitude towards it, yourself, and others limit you from opportunities in improv itself? Clearly, many people disagree with some of your posts. Maybe even a majority of your posts, but you’re also willing to admit when you’re wrong. AND, these are just your thoughts and opinions on improv, which, as you state, are constantly changing.Speaking as someone who regularly performs with you, it would worry me only if your opinions were not always evolving. If your viewpoint consistently dragged down the quality of our work, and you were never open to understanding more, I would have a problem. But this is not the case.Also, I like that you’re super open about what you don’t like or agree with. As someone who is a people pleaser and keeps their opinions to themselves too much, I love playing with someone who is that vocal.A: Because I can take it.And B: Because it enhances communication, which is so very big for relationships of any kind, and makes for a healthy troupe/cast.But people will form opinions about you based solely on this. If I didn’t know you, I’d definitely write you off until I somehow got to know you better. It could absolutely keep you from getting cast in some things. Not all things, just some things. Who knows. But that’s the risk of being this open and opinionated.If this makes you a better improvisor, and you are a genuinely good person to be friends and troupe mates with, AND you’re able to put aside what others may be thinking about you. It’s worth keeping the blog going.But if you feel that you aren’t able to show people who you really are, and the purpose of this is only to help you grow as opposed to others, then perhaps it’s better written in private.I like it. I disagree with a lot of it. I like performing with you. I understand your opinions are evolving. I like the In Praise Of and Sunday Interview because they help others.It’s your call, really. Only you know if it’s worth it. Why are you doing this REALLY? The answer will pretty much decide for you.

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