The Year of the Blog

From April 12th, 2009 to April 11th 2010 I set out to create The Year of the Blog, a project in which I created a brand new blog/website every day for a year. I thought that for sure I would fail. I somehow stuck to it. is the final blog of the project, and unlike the vast majority of the blogs I created, this one is being maintained.

The blog was featured in the NY Post, BuzzFeed homepage, the Sammamish Review and a video I made doing an incredibly bad impression of Morgan Freeman was featured on as one of the worst celebrity impressions ever.

Please visit, poke around and take a look at the vast backdated blogs. I’m exceptionally proud of the project, but more than that happy that I don’t have to create a new blogspot account ever again.

3 Responses to The Year of the Blog

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